Who We Are

Our Mission: Know God, and Make Him Known

Our Core Values

CREEDS – a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions

Creativity – We think outside the box and push the envelope of what “Church” is all about.

Relationship – We are a family not an organization. We put relationships first – with Jesus and with each other!

Evangelism – We are a ‘rescue ship’, not a ‘cruise ship’. Seeing people come to Jesus is a top priority for us.

Excellence – We will do the very best that we can with every resources that we have.

Discipleship – We are not just fans of Jesus, we are His disciplined followers.

Supernatural – We expect God’s ‘super’ to be a ‘natural’ part of our every day lives. We believe in the power of prayer

Our Big Picture Goals

  1. To be a growing church that reaches 10,000 + people who meet “in the temple and from house to house”
  2. To be a multi-site church with multiple services – “different choices, one church”
  3. To be a discipling church where every member is taught to obey all that Jesus commanded
  4. To be a praying church where prayer is foundational to everything that we do.
  5. To be a giving church that invests heavily in advancing the Kingdom of God.
  6. To be a creative church that uses media and the arts to speak to our culture
  7. To be a serving church that has a passion for justice and meeting the needs of people
  8. To be an equipping church that releases every member to be an agent of positive change in culture
  9. To be a multiplying church that plants churches and releases missionaries
  10. To be a resource church that serves and supports the larger body of Christ in whatever way possible

Meet the Pastors

Pastors Brendan and Sharon Witton serve together as the Lead Pastors of Toronto City Church. Pastor Brendan is a seasoned Christian leader, speaker, and teacher with over two decades of experience in ministry. He is a gifted communicator who brings a fresh and relevant perspective to biblical teaching, inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to live out the purpose that God has for their lives. In addition to pastoring he has taught at a local Bible College, mentors leaders, and serves as part of the leadership team of Ministers Network Canada.

Pastor Sharon is a seasoned Christian leader in her own right, serving both TCC and the broader body of Christ. She has a strong prophetic gift and carries a passion for the nations, women, and the next generation. In addition to her responsibilities at TCC she travels and speaks, mentors leaders, and serves on the Board for a number of organizations including Alpha Canada, and I Am Compelled.

In his early 20’s Pastor Brendan planted Church Without Limits, an ‘outside the box’ congregation that grew out of a youth Bible study in a motorcycle shop. He was soon joined by Pastor Sharon and when they got married and together they faithfully led CWL gaining invaluable experience in preaching, leadership, and pastoral care.


In 2013 Pastors Brendan and Sharon were invited by Toronto City Church to come and be Lead Pastors and bring Church Without Limits to merge together as one united congregation. They answered the call and under their leadership TCC has grown and thrived, reaching out to the city of Toronto and beyond with a message of hope and transformation. They serve with passion, integrity, and wisdom.


Pastors Brendan and Sharon have been married since 2005 and have two children Micah, and Shiloh.

Our Staff

Brendan Witton

Lead Pastor

Sharon Joy Witton

Co-Lead Pastor

Paul and Elaine Yuke

Founding Pastors

Samuel Kenga

Creative Pastor

Natalie Syer

Administrative Coordinator

Elsa Verissimo


Janine Gordon

Administrative Specialist

Our Story

Toronto City Church was started as Covenant Christian Church in 1988 by Pastors Paul and Elaine Yuke. Pastors Paul and Elaine moved to Toronto from Halifax, NS with a vision to plant a church that emphasized worship, prayer, the next generation, and heart for the nations. Under their leadership TCC grew quickly into a diverse congregation with a heart for the city.

In the early 2000’s Pastors Paul and Elaine stepped out into a more Apostolic Role and passed the leadership of the congregation to their son Steven and his wife Katherine. Pastors Steve and Katherine continued to lead TCC forward over oversaw the purchase and development of our current facilities at 36 Curity Ave.

In 2013 Pastors Steve and Katherine felt called to a new season of Church Planting and they invited Pastors Brendan and Sharon Witton to become the Lead Pastors at TCC. At the time Pastors Brendan and Sharon were leading Church Without Limits, another congregation in the city of Toronto, that they had started in the year 2000 in the back of a motorcycle shop. This ‘outside the box’ started with Saturday Night services that were filled with young people who eventually grew and matured together.


Pastors Brendan and Sharon accepted the call and actually merged CWL with TCC to become “Toronto City Church – a Church Without Limits”. Since that time they have served TCC and continue to lead it forward.

In 2023 TCC is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Toronto City Church and the 10th Anniversary of the merge. We are thankful for our rich heritage of faith and expectant regarding all that God has for us as we continue to move forward!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Toronto City Church believe?
Toronto City Church holds to the historic and foundational tenants of the Christian Faith. If you would like to see a copy of our Statement of Faith please email us at info@torontocitychurch.com and we will be glad to send it to you.

Is Toronto City Church part of a denomination?
Toronto City Church is part of Ministers Network Canada – a network of Churches and ministries spread across the nation of Canada.

Does Toronto City Church have programming for children and youth?
Yes! We have extensive, high quality programming for the entire family. You can learn more about our Kids Programming and our Youth Programming here.

Can I rent Toronto City Church for an event?
We do allow rentals of our facilities as long as it doesn’t conflict with our own events and programming. If you would like more information please email us at info@torontocitychurch.com.

Can I get married at Toronto City Church?
Due to the size of our congregation and the number of ministries and activities we can only host weddings for people who regularly attend TCC. If you do attend TCC we would love to have a conversation with you about your wedding, premarital classes, and one of our pastors officiating your ceremony.  If you do not regularly attend TCC you can inquire about one of our pastors officiating your ceremony and doing pre-marital if time and schedule permits.

Can I dedicate my baby at Toronto City Church?
Child dedications is a very important part of ‘family life’ at TCC. We believe this spiritual ceremony of dedicating your child to Jesus Christ is very significant and powerful. Once again, due to the size of our congregation, we can only do public baby dedication ceremonies for people who regularly attend TCC. If you do not regularly attend TCC but would like to have a Pastor pray over and bless your child you can contact us at info@torontocitychurch.com.